The Astero is designed to improve the overall efficiency in use. The aerodynamic design of the aircraft and the weight to power ratio enables the Astero to fly longer and cover a bigger area than any other fixed-wing drone in its class. It is highly efficient for large area mapping and surveying, due to the extraordinary long flight time, and provides more survey data in less time. 

The Astero operates completely autonomously from takeoff to landing. Once the aircraft is hand-launched, it automatically flies its predefined mission and lands again at a predefined landing point. Manual control is also possible during the flight.


The Astero system has a flight time of 3.5 hours and weighs 4 kg fully loaded. This makes the Astero system one of the most attractive civilian systems on the market.
With a wingspan of 233 cm, the Astero glides smoothly and steady through the air, providing optimal conditions for good aerial images.

The Astero comes with a wide range of standard payloads, such as a 61MP camera, 2x26MP oblique camera, infrared camera, or a multispectral camera. Other cameras are available on request.
We even offer to implement your preferred camera, as long as the total weight of the payload is maximum 500g

A Robust Drone With High Performance

The Astero is primarily built of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and nylon. These materials are all well-known from the aerospace industry and utilized for their special properties, specifically strength and flexibility. With an extraordinary durability the Astero can withstand approx. 50G impact on landing. 

The Astero does not just have a high performance, it is also safe to use and therefore well suited for night flying and flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Danish Technology that benefits the environment

The Astero is electrically driven and therefore a perfect green alternative to conventional helicopters and planes as it replaces typically traditional fuel-heavy aircrafts that are used for the same purpose.

The Astero is distinguished by being extremely quiet. At a height of approx. 50 meters, the aircraft can only be faintly heard (inaudible in 100 meters altitude), making it well suited to use in nature reserves. The Astero can cover a distance of approx. 175 km or map approx. 400 acres* in one flight and on one battery.

*(61Mp camera with 35mm lens, 70% overlap, 70% sidelap, flight altitude 100m, GSD 1.07cm/pixel) 


Flight time: 3:30 h

Payload: 500 g

MTOW: 4000 g

Body (tip to tail): 118 cm

Wingspan: 233 cm

Motor power: 850 w

Cruise speed: 15 m/s

Vertical landing, deep stall

Landing accuracy: <10 m

Landing surface: Flat any