The software included in the Astero UAS is a modified version of the Mission Planner from ArduPilot. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and enables you to get your aircraft up and running in no time. Mission Planner also contains advanced features that allow you to plan and execute complex missions. Mission Planner is configured and adapted to the Astero platform and is the tool that provides the complete overview, both before, during, and after missions.

Before the flight, you get a full overview of the total flight time, flight distance, covered area, number of images etc. During the flight you get information regarding speed, altitude, attitude, battery level, radio link quality etc. Once the Astero is in the air, the flight is fully autonomous. At any time, you have the option to replan and change the mission or take over the aircraft for manual flyingAfter the flight, Mission Planner allows you to Geotag the collected data and easily export data for further processing in several image processing programs/platformsA log file is also available for download, giving you the overview of the completed mission.

        User-friendly Mission Planner

        Windows 10 compatible

        Easy pre-planning and overview

        All necessary data available

        Easy upload

        Informative flight dashboard

        Emergency features

        Works perfectly with Pix4D and others

        Versatile mission options (grid, corridor, or a combination)