About us

Nordic Wing ApS is a Danish drone manufacturer of a fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying. The company was founded in 2018 by a group of professionals with many years of experience in the drone industry. Nordic Wing is located at the old military air force base in Værløse – Denmark, where all activities take place from the development of hardware and software to the production of wings, fuselage, and other mechanical components, but also the final test flight and calibration.

How it all started

Nordic Wing was founded with the objective of developing the best and most reliable fixed-wing drone in its category. With our many years of experience with drones and knowledge of the conventional issues in the industry, the desire arose to develop a durable and reliable product that could solve many of the issues we experienced out in the field. The goal was from the beginning to develop a fixed-wing aircraft with a take-off weight of max. 4 kg. Our primary criteria for the development of our drone were a flexible and interchangeable payload, exceptionally long flight time, stability in flight and a robust system that should be able to handle hard landings. After several years of development and countless flying hours in the air, our drone “Astero” was completed in mid-2020. It is with great pleasure that we now introduce our Astero in a market that has already shown great enthusiasm for our drone and its unique features.